How to Apply

Download Application or Apply Online

Account Application

Account application is mandatory but can be completed either by downloading the necessary form and returning it to us or by completing the online form.

Download the the Form Here


Asia Alpha Capital Management is a specialist financial management company that offers a wide range of services. 

To start trading with us, it is a requirement to open a new account. Opening a trading account with Asia Alpha Capital Management is fast, easy and very convenient.

Download & Save Application Form

Download and save our account forms on your own computer. The form is offered in PDF format, which you can save to your computer. You will need to print this out and complete it manually.

Fill in the Application Form

Here are the important points to remember when filling out your application form:

  • Use the same spelling as on your identification documents.
  • Date of birth must be the same as the date shown on your identification documents.
  • Address must be the same as on your identification documents and must be the current place of residence. Please fill in your post code and house or apartment number.
  • If you provide a signature, it is imperative to remember it exactly. Therefore, make sure it is a signature you can execute again in the future, and it is advisable to use your full name (i.e. what is on your identification documents).
  • Check the required Identification Documents

    You may have to present a copy of your valid ID and any proof of your residency. Particularly when receiving returns. You may submit the following :

    • Passport, Driver’s License, or any governmental issued ID
    • Proof of residency: Utility Bills (Telephone, Water, Electricity, Gas etc.)

    ** Name, address and date of birth indicated in the identification documents must be the same as written in the application form. Bills must have both name and address and must be issued within the past six months. Please confirm that the issued date falls within this time period before enclosing.

    Send your Application

    In order to get started please scan your application and send it via email to the address below.

    After you have completed the above process and your account has been approved all you have to do then is fund your account. You will be assigned a personal Account Executive who will assist you throughout your partnership with Asia Alpha Capital Management.