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As an international company, Asia Alpha Capital Management has numerous customers around the globe. These clients take advantage of the various opportunities offered by investing overseas that are not available in their domestic markets. We also understand that for our less experienced clients, the thought of sending hard-earned savings overseas can be unnerving, particularly if it is for the first time.
Below we have put together an essential guide showing why experienced investors have discovered the opportunity to make their capital work for them offshore, so appealing:Offshore Services

Offshore Trading – The Benefits

Tax Savings: –  Investing in overseas markets usually offers significant tax incentives. Countries often referred to as ‘Tax Havens’ offer favorable tax rates. This investment attracts wealth to the host country, therefore helping expand its domestic economy.

Liability for local taxes may be incurred when the client decides to withdraw monies from the offshore account. That’s where our team can apprise you the client on how to time withdrawals to minimize any liabilities.

Diversification: – There are numerous ways that investing offshore can help investors diversify a portfolio. For example, it can:

  1. Gain access to investment areas not generally catered for by domestic products.
  2. Take advantage of expanding foreign economies and make the most of international growth periods.
  3. Protect against the possible reduction in your local currency rates and offer you access to more stable global currencies.
  4. Allows you to build a more balanced, secure portfolio in a well-regulated jurisdiction.

Asset Preservation – Offshore financial hubs are attractive places for restructuring ownership of assets. Through foundations, trusts, or within an existing corporation, personal wealth ownership can be transferred from people to other legal entities.

Often asset owners are worried about lawsuits, or secured loans being recalled. In these cases, they may elect to transfer part of their assets from their estates to an entity that holds it outside of their home country.

By making these on-paper ownership transfers, individuals are no longer at risk of seizure or other domestic problems.

Asia Alpha Capital Management have all the resources available to assist our clients in managing offshore investment and asset transfer.


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